Johns Hopkins Symposium on Healthcare Operations


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Johns Hopkins University has a long tradition of applying Operations Research to improve healthcare operations. Indeed, Johns Hopkins, home to the U.S. Army Operations Research Office between 1948 and 1958, is the birthplace of the field of healthcare operations management in the United States.

The Johns Hopkins Symposium on Healthcare Operations (JHSHO), started in 2016, will have a dedicated theme each year and feature global thought leaders from both academia and practice. Hosted by Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and supported by Johns Hopkins University’s business and medical faculty, this annual symposium aims to (1)showcase cutting edge operations research applied to healthcare, and (2) facilitate exchange between academics, practitioners, and policy makers in a multidisciplinary platform.


About the Inaugural JHSHO

The theme of our first symposium, to be held on October 1, 2016, is “When Organ Transplantation Meets Operations Research.

Among confirmed speakers are OM scholars such as Itai Ashlagi (Stanford), Baris Ata (ChicagoBooth), Dimitris Bertsimas (MIT), Sommer Gentry (USNA), Pinar Keskinocak (Georgia Tech), Andrew Schaefer (Rice), Sridhar Tayur (Carnegie Mellon); leading surgeons such as John Roberts (UCSF), Robert Montgomery (NYU/Johns Hopkins), and Benjamin Philosophe (Johns Hopkins); and organ-transplant policymakers such as Charles Alexander, President and CEO of Maryland’s Organ Procurement Organization and former President of UNOS.

We welcome business, engineering, and medical school faculty, students, and researchers, as well as medical practitioners and policy makers to join us this fall.



Tinglong Dai, Johns Hopkins University,

Ozge Sahin, Johns Hopkins University,


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